Riseup now 2020

PRECIOUS BROTHERS AND SISTER, as we watch the world change during the past weeks, we are reminded that it’s a tremendous opportunity to spend more times with our loved ones, our families and press in harder than ever together to His throne of grace. We are praying for the European bride of Christ in these challenging season and trusting the Lord for a breakthrough for the church to see real signs and wonders, and experience a fresh outpouring of His Holy Spirit, and for the world around us for mercy and divine visitations.

Our scheduled June 11th RISEUP-NOW EUROPE, is cancelled this year, we will still be praying for you and receiving your prayers until we meet each other again, a dawn of a new day shining. LOVE AND RESPECT IN CHRIST; The RISEUP-NOW TEAM.

Join us in prayer for Europe!

About us

'RiseUp-Now!' is a prayer movement made up of a body of people with the same heart and vision developed and led by a group of international believers. It was started in response to a call from the Lord in June 2014 that 'this is the time for restoration in Europe; this is the time for Arabs and Europeans to get together to seek My face for Europe'. Those involved are unified together through Christ and in their desire to be a voice in Europe ‘preparing the way for the Lord’ (Isaiah 40:3), bridging the cultural gap between the host nationals and the immigrants seeking new life, survival or their European dream. ‘RiseUp-Now!’ seeks to equip and empower believers from both backgrounds, working together to become a blessing to each other in Europe. As Isaiah proclaimed we desire to be a voice for the King ‘preparing the way’, ‘bringing tidings of good news’, lifting up their voice with a shout’ and bringing ‘comfort’ to the people (Isaiah 40).
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