Riseup now 2019

Luton UK 20th-22nd June 2019

Join us in prayer for Europe!

About us

"Riseup now" is a body of people with the same heart and vision developed and led by a group of international believers, in response to a message given from the Lord for Europe in June, 2014. Those involved are unified together through Christ and in their desire to be a voice in Europe ‘preparing the way for the Lord’, whilst bridging the cultural gap between the host nations, host Churches, social organizations and the immigrant seeking new life, survival or their European dream. ‘RiseUp-Now!’, through working with local European Churches and organizations, seeks to equip and empower both sides, to together become a blessing instead of a burden, an example and a voice for the King, ‘preparing the way’, ‘bringing tidings of good news’, lifting up their voice with a shout’ and bringing ‘comfort’ to the people. Isaiah 40 - Please go to Vision page to read more...

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