We are pleased to introduce some of the guests and speakers for the 2019 conference:

Rachel and Gordon Hickson

Rachel and Gordon have been married for nearly 40 years and have 2 older children and 5 grandchildren. Their daughter, Nicola, is married to Tim Douglass and they pastor a Hillsong Church in Melbourne, Australia, while their son, David, is married to Jenny and lives in Peterborough, UK, where they are part of KingsGate Church. Rachel grew up in India and then married Gordon and together they have lived in many different nations.

Rachel and Gordon travel internationally, training leaders, speaking at conferences, strengthening the Church and love the diversity of our different cultures. Rachel is the author of 8 books, writing on prayer, the prophetic gift, and devotional guides. Rachel and Gordon carry a passion to see God touch the lives of people with His power and love. Rachel should have died after a terrible road accident in Africa in 1984 but was miraculously healed. So together they now love to watch treasures hidden in dark places find life and get restored.

Ian Cole – World Prayer UK

Lynn Green – Ywam “Youth with a Mission”

Labib Mishriky – Praise and Worship Leader – Cairo Egypt