Pastor Sameh Maurice

Dr. Rev. Dr. Sameh Maurice Tawfik

Senior Pastor of Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church

Dr. Rev. Dr. Sameh Maurice is the senior pastor of Kasr El Dobara Church Evangelical Church, the largest church in Egypt, which holds the biggest network in Egypt and the Middle East through organizing large Evangelical and Prayer events.

A former prominent surgeon, Dr. Maurice was always involved in ministry through his medical career. In 1988, he was fully persuaded that ministry was God’s will for his life. He has led his church to pray for Egypt since the early 1980s with the idea of a unified Egyptian church in mind. His heart is for nationwide revival in the local churches and preparation for the Great Harvest in Egypt.

  • Co-founded the Global Kingdom Partnership Network.
  • Was one of the few who started group discipleship in Egypt.
  • Began a small prayer meeting which is currently reaching thousands.
  • Initiated the sports ministry in Egypt and the Middle East in 2000.
  • Developed the School of Christ teaching series which is aired on Christian channels engaging millions in the Arab World, Europe, Australia, and the U.S.

He is married to Dr. Imane Kheir and has three sons.

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