Who We Are

‘RiseUp-Now!’ is a prayer movement made up of a body of people with the same heart and vision developed and led by a group of international believers. It was started in response to a call from the Lord in June 2014 that ‘this is the time for restoration in Europe; this is the time for Arabs and Europeans to get together to seek My face for Europe’. Those involved are unified together through Christ and in their desire to be a voice in Europe ‘preparing the way for the Lord’ (Isaiah 40:3), bridging the cultural gap between the host nationals and the immigrants seeking new life, survival or their European dream. ‘RiseUp-Now!’ seeks to equip and empower believers from both backgrounds, working together to become a blessing to each other in Europe. As Isaiah proclaimed we desire to be a voice for the King ‘preparing the way’, ‘bringing tidings of good news’, lifting up our voices with a shout’ and bringing ‘comfort’ to the people (Isaiah 40).

Our desire is to see national European and immigrant believers proclaim the Kingdom of God together in Europe. We desire to see church growth and passion for evangelism increase. A key part of this is praying and interceding for this continent.

Join with us in seeking God’s heart for Europe at this time!

The history of the prayer movement (arabic)

The history of the prayer movement (english)